Introducing Professional Development Sessions at IMM

Five Expert Sessions for IMM Exhibitors

For the first time, IMM 2020 will unveil new, pre-bookable professional development workshops for exhibitors.

These will take place on the show’s second day (10 March 2020) and will offer opportunities for exhibitors to expand their expertise in everything from best practise to strategic planning.

We plan to host five 20-minute workshops, pre-bookable on meetings manager, allowing you to schedule your day to suit your objectives.

The Five Sessions

The Perfect Pitch

A highly experienced travel industry PR specialist reveals the best and worst pitches they have experienced from agencies tendering for their business. This session looks at how to build the perfect pitch, and how clients can spot issues and over-promises. The event will suit both in-house PR professionals and agency staff. A vital event for anyone who pitches – or is pitched to!

Crisis, what Crisis?

A session presented by PR specialists, who will look at best practice in crisis management situations. Topics under discussion will include how crisis management practices are shifting due to the changing demands of the media and public appetite for rolling news, and how social media is increasingly impacting outcomes. A must-attend if your brief extends to being prepared in the eventuality of a crisis.

Under the Spotlight: The Travel Editor

Our guest will be a top-level travel editor who will discuss how they interact with the PR industry. Topics will include everything from phone and email pitching best practice through to how press trips can convert from the initial pitch to the printed page.

Under the Spotlight: The Travel Influencer

Our presenter will be a high-profile, multi-channel influencer who will discuss the most successful tactics for memorable travel campaigns. They will give their expert summary on how brands and influencers can best work together, and how best to measure ROI. A must for anyone who works with influencers.

Social Challenges …

Our panel discusses red tape, regulation and the shifting sands of influencer marketing. They will consider how to keep on top of market and technology changes, and how to emerge a winner. This event is a must-attend if you’re determined to win big with your influencer strategies.

Four Reasons to Attend IMM’s Professional Development Sessions


Extend Your Expertise

Our five sessions, spread across the IMM day, offer exhibitors outstanding opportunities to expand their expertise.


From PR to Influencer Marketing

Whether your focus is PR or influencer marketing, there’s a workshop for you, with three sessions focused on traditional media activity and two focused on social media.


Increase Your Return from IMM

The professional development sessions add further value to brands attending IMM, maximising their return on investment.


The Power of Two

By securing a two-person stand at IMM, you can dedicate one team member to managing your meetings, freeing the other to attend sessions.