Mark Andrews

I'm a freelance writer based in Shanghai, China. Mainly I write for magazines and newspapers around the world. My articles have appeared in publications such as the Telegraph, South China Morning Post, Straits Times, Sydney Morning Herald, American Way, Blue Wings, Silkroad, Open Skies, Hemispheres, Jetstar, Tiger Tales, Selamta, Serendib, British Heritage, Auto Express, Metropolis, and the Japan Times. I am available for commission and usually supply pictures to accompany my articles.

A member of the British Guild of Travel Writers. Finalist in 2019 for the BGTW Photographer of the Year.

For a full picture of my work please see my website which has articles stretching back to 2000

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    20 Dec 2020

    Makers of vegan meat hope to break into the Chinese market, but in a country where meat consumption has long been a symbol of wealth, convincing consumers is an uphill battle
    04 Dec 2020

    I'm sipping champagne atop the Hyatt on the Bund hotel, staring out across the multibillion-pound Shanghai skyline. There's a slight autumnal chill in the air, but it's invigorating rather than
    13 Oct 2020

    2020 seems an unlikely year for the emergence of any new industry, yet this is exactly what has happened in Hong Kong, where there are now locally produced CBD food and drink products
    29 Jun 2020

    The Future of Shopping.

    Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business Knowledge

    A look at Hema Xiansheng (Freshippo) the online offline hybrid supermarket from Alibaba and how it is revolutionising food shopping in China
    03 Jun 2020

    You don't have to hop on a plane to find incredible places in China, lots of them lie just a short train ride from Shanghai. I did an update to an existing article and am credited in the boilerplate
    02 May 2020

    Pancakes and retrievers will set you on the right course, says Mark Andrews Step 1: This is by far the most important step and cannot be skipped. I recommend you allocate in the region of half your…...
    25 Mar 2020

    By way of some of Shanghai's best known tourist attraction a look at how the city is now emerging on the other side of the coronavirus crisis
    21 Jan 2020

    Think Laotian food all tastes the same as its better-known next-door neighbours? These 5 distinctive dishes will make you think again
    02 Nov 2019

    Five-star Wonder

    A look at Shanghai's subterranean hotel the InterContinental Shanghai
    11 Oct 2019

    Fifty years after The Beatles released Abbey Road, the London of the Fab Four retains a sensation of the Swinging Sixties in the places associated with their music and lives.. Read more at...
    01 Aug 2019

    Tokyo Calling!

    Article looking at Tokyo highlights and why now with the Rugby World Cup from September and next year's Olympics make it a great time to visit. Article appeared in Serendib the magazine of Sri Lankan...
    08 Jul 2019

    What to eat in Xi'an. Looks at some of the dishes that should not be missed in this city that was once the start of the fabled Silk Road
    01 Feb 2019

    Food for Good Luck

    Going Places (Malaysian Airlines)

    A look at some of the foods that people will be eating to celebrate Chinese New Year around the world that are not so Chinese as they think!
    18 Jan 2019

    Discovering Bourdain's Lost Shanghai

    World Travel Magazine

    My article and pictures looking at the Lost Plate Shanghai food tour which the late Anthony Bourdain no doubt would have appreciated as it gets down and close with the locals and the food they eat...
    17 Jan 2019

    Sapporo - The Other Face of Japan

    Preferred Travel Magazine

    Article looking at how to enjoy Sapporo when it is warm and when it is cold
    07 Dec 2018

    Nanjing on Tap

    Blue Wings (Finnair)

    Article in Blue Wings the inflight magazine of Finnair looking at the craft beer scene in Nanjing, China
    08 Oct 2018

    Guangzhou, China travel guide and pictures in Serendib the magazine of Sri Lankan Airlines
    27 Sep 2018

    The Chinese were playing a form of golf a thousand years ago, but under communism the sport was banned until the early 1980s – now the Middle Kingdom is teeing off again
    24 Jul 2018

    For most Singaporeans, Yangzhou is almost synonymous with fried rice. Even in China, knowledge of the city seldom extends beyond the dish.. Read more at Article looks at why...
    04 Jul 2018

    Metamorphosis of Vang Vieng

    Vacations & Travel Magazine

    Article looking at how Vang Vieng is transforming itself from a former hedonistic everything goes destination to somewhere more upmarket and reliant on its number one draw the scenery