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Press Releases

Distribution to thousands of travel media and industry professionals in the Daily News Alert emails and website feed.

Press Centers

Contains all your published press releases, photos and videos, company profile, contacts, and URL.

Journalist Alerts

Research requests direct from journalists to your inbox. Respond immediately and maximize opportunities.


The LinkedIn of the travel industry. Network with journalists and colleagues, download shareable profiles.


Pitch story ideas, famils, events and invitations direct to media without being seen by rival brands.


Access media and PR professionals’ travel plans, stories, photos and videos around the world.


Unparalleled global networking events for journalists and PR professionals.

Media Intelligence

A bespoke user-friendly tool providing fast, accurate and relevant media monitoring, insights and customized reporting.

Influencer Manager

Search for relevant influencers, view their following, run campaigns and measure success with real-time reporting.

Virtual Press Room (VPR)

Your customized digital asset media room housed on your brand’s site, powered by TravMedia.

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TravMedia is the travel industry's only global media network

Founded in 1999 by Nick Wayland, a former travel editor seeking an easier way to research and report travel news, TravMedia is the one-stop solution trusted by travel PR professionals and media to network and share press releases, stories and ideas. The comprehensive platform creates an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate and develop long-lasting relationships with journalists like never before.

TravMedia is now established in 9 countries - Australia, United Kingdom, United States, China, Singapore, Germany, France, Italy, and Brazil - and connects over 45,000 travel professionals including 25,000 editors, journalists and influencers in all corners of the world.

TravMedia operates sister company Food4Media. Food4Media distributes food-related press releases, videos and information on the food industry.

TravMedia also pioneered the technology that powers and

Benefits for PR and Marketing Professionals

TravMedia is the one-stop-shop for travel media and PR professionals to keep up to date with industry news, events and contacts.
Connect with over 25,000 journalists, from national newspaper and magazine travel editors to broadcast, trade and online reporters.
Your press releases are distributed daily in breaking news alerts, making TravMedia the quickest route to a large network of influential media.
We’re the media’s go-to resource for story ideas, trends, news, images, and industry contacts.
We send thousands of Journalist Alerts from reporters seeking information, interviewees or images to complete their travel stories.
Our social networking and messaging functionality allows PRs to build relationships with journalists, and pitch ideas to our entire media community, creating a whole series of new routes to travel coverage.

Benefits for Media

We’re the only global media network that provides the latest news, events and contact information across the entire travel industry.
Connect with over 20,000 PR Professionals from every sector of travel and save time reaching the widest possible network. Upload your stories, images and travel plans for PR Professionals to connect and pitch ideas.
Our Daily News Alerts are an essential tool for keeping up to date with the industry’s latest press releases, trends, images, contact updates, PR pitches, events and more.
Journalist Alerts enable you to source expert contacts and specific story information instantly, even on short deadlines.
Network enables you to build lasting relationships with PR professionals and tourist boards across the industry.

TravMedia covers all elements of the travel industry including:

Airlines • Associations • Attractions • Car Hire • Cruising • CVBs and National Tourism Boards • Domestic Holidays • Hotels/Resorts • International Tourism Boards • MICE/Events • Online Travel • Rail, Coach & Bus • Shopping • Skiing • Theme Parks / Adventure • Tour Operators

What our Members Say

Matthew Maxey
Director of Public Relations
Visit Franklin, TN

"TravMedia lets me get the message of Franklin, Tennessee out to a hyper-targeted list of media covering the travel industry, while also allowing me to keep an eye on industry trends and see what other destinations and media are talking about on a daily basis."

Nim Singh
Media & PR Manager
Destination Canada

"We joined TravMedia almost from its very start. I credit Travmedia with securing Canada more content than we had prior to its existence."

Rachael Jackson
Public Relations Manager
Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

"We have been working with TravMedia for many years now, and it’s a trusted PR tool that gives us the quickest route to our most influential media partners. There’s also the added benefit of well-attended media events, where we can meet all our target journalists."

Jane Knight
Freelance travel writer/editor

"As a national newspaper travel editor, I find TravMedia indispensable for sourcing content, quickly, from the great multiplicity of travel PRs."

Jane Dunford
Travel Editor (and freelance editor/writer)
The Guardian

"TravMedia's a really useful resource for planning features and keeping up with the latest travel news. The journo request option is particularly useful and always results in some interesting discoveries - it's great if you're working against the clock too."

Stefania Gatta
Press & Communication Manager
Italian National Tourist Board

"TravMedia is an essential tool for us to send out our press releases and newsletters. It’s easy to use and reaches press far wider than our own mailing list. We strongly recommend it."

Lottie Gross
Writer & editor
The Telegraph, Travel Weekly/Aspire, The Independent

"TravMedia has been an invaluable service for me as a digital travel editor. I've sourced images, assistance for press trips, weekly travel deals and even writers. I've formed lasting relationships with PRs and tourist boards, which have been key to my success in the industry. "

David Ezra
PR Director
KBC Travel Marketing PR & Representation

"TravMedia has established itself as part of the travel PR DNA in the UK. Each day brings us valuable opportunities to gain coverage, and the media networking events are a vital way for us to touch base with lots of influential travel journalists."

Lisa Minot
Head of Travel
The Sun

"TravMedia’s Journalist Alert facility has proved very useful. I have also found all of the MediaPlace events useful and have yet to end the night without getting at least one or two good stories. For me, it is the only place to go when I need to contact travel PRs!"

Debbie Flynn
Managing Partner
Brighter Group

"TravMedia is the Brighter choice! Our teams use the site to launch campaigns, build networks and respond to journalists’ needs. The TravMedia team is great to work with – we’re contented customers!"

Rose Tighe
PR and Social Media
Cayman Islands Department of Tourism

"Travmedia is an invaluable resource for anyone in the travel industry. The platform allows access to a whole range of journalists and publications, and the social events provide fantastic networking opportunities. We wouldn’t be without it!"

Krissy Roe
Head of special projects
Responsible Travel

"TravMedia has been fantastic, helping us build our media relationships and spread the word about responsible tourism. The events have also been very positive and add to a feeling of a real life ‘TravMedia community’."

Nigel Massey
The Massey Partnership

"In my view there is no better service available. Without TravMedia I doubt we would have secured the successes we now enjoy."

David Wickers
Travel Editor
Good Housekeeping

"I look at TravMedia newsletters on a daily basis and often find items that I follow up with the company or PR. It’s a quick, succinct one-stop shop and useful for all travel companies."

Maria Pieri
Editorial Director
National Geographic

"TravMedia has grown from strength to strength, becoming an essential tool for keeping up-to-date with industry news."

Sophie Lam
Travel Editor
i Paper

"TravMedia is essential for reaching the widest possible network of PRs. When I need specific information, I know TravMedia will get my message out to the right contacts instantly. No less important is that the team are all personable and approachable."

Shafik Meghji
Travel Writer
Rough Guides Author

"TravMedia is one of my first ports of call whenever I'm planning a research trip. It's an easy and incredibly time-saving way to connect with the right travel PRs. Great networking events too!"

Craig Platt
Managing Editor,
Nine Publishing (Traveller, SMH, The Age,

"TravMedia is my go-to resource for industry news, sourcing content and interview contacts with little lead time. The Daily News update is an essential part of my morning research routine."

Gaynor Reid
Catalyst Communications

"TravMedia is the easiest way to ensure our press releases reach the most influential travel media around the world and is an essential part of our global media strategy. I have attended numerous global network events with TravMedia and know of no better way to connect with quality media to pitch story ideas and ensure our hotels are part of their editorial plans."

Tracey Leitch
Houn Valley Tasmania - Impressions Marketing Communications

"The new media monitoring tool is fantastic for measuring the success of our news releases and keeping our clients informed. We love the free downloads of print and online content. It is a major time saver which enables us to spend more time on the PR job at hand."

Emma Sturgiss
Global Manager - Public Relations
Tourism Australia

"TravMedia is an invaluable resource for anyone in the travel industry, providing quick access to a large database of journalists and publications. We use the site daily to launch campaigns and respond to journalists’ needs."

Georgia Rickard
Editor at large, Virgin Australia
Hardie Grant Media

"As an editor, TravMedia is an indispensable tool- the press wire, the journalist call outs, the conferences- I’ve developed so many connections and editorial opportunities through their network. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I thoroughly appreciate my involvement."