Natalie Chalk
Travel journalist

Natalie Chalk is a journalist and travel writer. She is former travel features editor at trade magazine Travel Bulletin, and has also worked at the Mail on Sunday. She was on the news desks of the MailOnline and the Daily Express and has contributed travel articles to the Guardian, Daily Express, Sunday Mirror, Women's Health, TNT Magazine, Wanderlust, Daily Star, Touring Bird and others.
In 2017, was named a Top 10 UK Travel Blogger and in 2018 Natalie won The Sunday Times Big Shot Competition. She has lived in Peru, Nigeria and Portugal and recently returned to London after travelling the world for 14 months, visiting 50 cities.

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    Cycling in Wallonia is all chateaus, beer and frites, September 2018

    uploaded 02 Oct 2018 7:27am

    I was born to cycle... on an electric bike! With the first class scenery in southern Belgium, passing by, I didn’t want to get in a head spin with all that pedalling. It meant that I saw just about everything, everywhere covering 70K (40miles) a day, …

    One Second: Stockholm

    uploaded 15 Jul 2018 4:28am

    Set for stunning Stockholm?
    Here's Sweden's glamourous capital city of 14 islands. The country is home to H&M, Ikea, Volvo, Fika, Abba, Roxette, the Nobel Prize, Greta Garbo, Steig Larson, the late Avicii and quite a lot of Gustavs. Enter the sun, slushie …

    One Second: Sun, sea and sloths - oh and, Samasti!

    uploaded 15 May 2018 12:10am

    I'm high up in the Costa Rican jungle overlooking the Caribbean coastal town Puerto Viejo surrounded by the sound of a hundred insects filling the air and monkeys swinging through the trees. This is a top yoga retreat deep in the rainforest. A sign should …

    One Second: Dinosaur crater hunt April 2018 *Contains astonishing footage!!

    uploaded 07 May 2018 5:46am

    Crater-expectations: my hunt for the spot where the dinosaurs were wiped off the earth 66million years ago.
    30 Jul 2021

    CHILEAN mummies that predate those in Egypt, the oldest observatory in the Americas, ancient cities in Asia, gold mines, remote landscapes, and an Ottoman Empire trading hub. These are just a few of...
    19 Jun 2021

    MANY countries in Europe rely on the flow of tourism from the north to the south in the summer months
    30 May 2021

    How are you travelling? Ok, don't answer that!


    HOLIDAY SOS: ARE WE THERE YET? WHAT'S going on? Well, whata lotta news we had this month about booking a summer holiday. Yes we can go to a green list country - the most viable are Portugal,...
    21 May 2021

    TENERIFE has been a sizzling favourite for British holidaymakers offering year-round sun, sea and sandy beaches
    19 May 2021

    JUST OFF the coast of Cannes in the warm, blue water is the Mediterranean's first under water museum
    18 May 2021

    MARGARET Keenan, the first person in the world to get the Covid-19 vaccination, has made history again as she boarded the first coach trip to the seaside with holiday firm Harry Shaw
    17 May 2021

    IF YOU'VE ever wanted to experience the real Australia, now you can. The country has put its First Nations people at the heart of its tourism strategy
    13 Apr 2021

    IF YOU'RE looking for an alternative to the Costas, Iraq has relaxed its visa rules in a bid to boost tourism and regenerate the country
    08 Apr 2021

    THE pandemic has triggered a rise in staycations across Africa with homegrown holidaymakers visiting beaches and ancient sights
    07 Apr 2021

    IF FEARS of quarantining and multiple covid tests are putting you off booking a summer holiday, why not wait and splash out later in the year on a destination that has it all, on the other side of...
    07 Apr 2021

    KENYA has warned the UK government about the dangers of putting African countries on its travel ban “red list”
    01 Apr 2021

    UK and Europe risk "a lost summer" of American visits. If plans aren't announced soon to reopen Europe's borders US travellers will go elsewhere
    31 Mar 2021

    LOCKDOWN led to a big shake up in the rankings of tourist attractions last year with many outdoor spaces enjoying greater visitor numbers
    30 Mar 2021

    THE BARBADIAN government is planning to extend its Work from Paradise scheme into 2021. More than 360 Britons took up the offer to live and work remotely in Barbados for one year when it introduced...
    30 Mar 2021

    FOR foreign holidays to go ahead this year, travel corridors could come to the rescue
    26 Mar 2021

    THE UK is considered one of the most unsafe countries by Chinese travellers to visit. And it is fears of anti-Chinese sentiment that could keep tourists away
    24 Mar 2021

    The route was officially unpacked from its suitcase by Tourism Minister Nigel Huddleston as part of wider plans to boost the image of England's regions to overseas travellers
    23 Mar 2021

    IF YOU had to postpone your wedding because of the pandemic, Barnes Coaches is allowing couples to tie the knot onboard its stylish coaches
    22 Feb 2021

    AFTER the discovery of the UK covid-19 variant, Visit Britain estimated it would put off 5.2 million visitors, costing £2.4bn
    16 Feb 2021

    PASSENGERS trapped on cruise ships, tourists stuck inside hotel rooms and families sleeping at airports. These were the images of holidaymakers that made headlines around the world when they were...