Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau-Northern California Yosemite Area Press Releases

Ten Winter Weather Options to Slow Down, Stay Dry and Drink Up in Northern California's Quaint Gold Country Towns

Weather Forecast in in Northern California Yosemite Gold Country: All over Northern California visitors are conjuring up a familiar children's tune with new words: “It's raining, it's pouring, it's wet and cold and boring, what's there to do to have some fun 'til sun comes out in the morning.” It doesn't have to be gloom and doom – Tuolumne County (“To-All-O-Me”) in California's historic Gold Country area and front door to Yosemite National Park from the San Francisco Bay area, has some ideas for visitors to lay low and have fun – including museum hopping for history buffs and day drinking for the rest of us. The list of unique places to imbibe could be well worth the drive; only 2 ½ hours (133 miles, 200 km) away, plus live theatre, underground cave exploring and old fashioned ice skating...

10 January, 2017
A Quick Trip to Yosemite National Park Like President Obama and Family? We Have Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Visit, Even if Your Stay is as Brief as His.

Visitor Centers along Yosemite's busiest entrance in Tuolumne County offer advice, assistance, and good ideas to thousands of visitors each year...

5 August, 2016
Railtown 1897 is Home to Sierra No. 3™ The “Movie Star Locomotive”

Railtown 1897 State Historic Park (SHP) is home to the famous Sierra No. 3™, also known as the Movie Star Locomotive. Sierra Railway steam locomotive No. 3 has been a movie star since the early 1900s when Hollywood producers first discovered Tuolumne County and its historic trains. Since then, Hollywood has been filming this photogenic steam locomotive along the Sierra Railroad's scenic route to satisfy America's love affair with Westerns. Clint Eastwood is one of Sierra No. 3's co-stars and supporters. "The Sierra No. 3 is like a treasured old friend." It has starred in more than 100 movies and television productions and delights train lovers today with an authentic steam engine train ride through Northern California's picturesque Tuolumne County...

16 June, 2016
All Aboard! Excursion Trains are Running Memorial Day Weekend in California's Gold Country

To kick off the summer season in rail-related style, popular weekend excursion trains will be running all three days of the Memorial Day holiday weekend, May 28- 30, 2016, at Railtown 1897 State Historic Park (SHP) in Jamestown, CA...

24 May, 2016
“Battle of Nations" Comes to 30th Sonora Celtic Faire March 11-13, 2016 at Sonora Fairgrounds in Yosemite Gold Country, Northern California

The Sonora Celtic Faire is celebrating its 30th Anniversary, March 11-13, 2016, at the Mother Lode Fairgrounds in Sonora, California, located in Tuolumne County. The Sonora Celtic Faire celebrates cultures from Ireland, Scotland, Cornwall and Wales and is proudly showcasing a Historic Medieval Battle tournament as one of its main attractions...

4 March, 2016
Northern California's Yosemite Gold Country has Rare Air and Other Fresh Ideas for Lovers

Couples zip lining, star and planet tours to pop the question, the positive on negative ions and old fashion bubble baths are some new ideas for February visits and beyond in Tuolumne County, Northern California's gateway to Yosemite National Park. Everyone knows that February is the month to declare affection in a new and different way. Pressure? Creative thinkers and doers can stretch beyond the rooftop restaurant reservations to the gold rush towns in Tuolumne County, home of starry skies, creature comforts and the jewel of America's national parks, Yosemite, where there are many surprisingly new and old romantic opportunities. Here are some alternative recommendations, and not just for Valentine's weekend...

5 February, 2016
Northern California's Story Ideas for the San Francisco Bay Area's "Front Door" to Yosemite National Park

We invite media to consider a visit to Yosemite Gold Country, home of 58% of Yosemite National Park, two historic state parks, the pristine beauty of Stanislaus National Forest, winter and summer sports, casino gaming, restaurants and recreation. New for 2016 -- the first resort to be built in the Yosemite area in 25 years. Rush Creek Lodge will open just one-half mile from the Highway 120 entrance to Yosemite National Park -- the "front door" entrance from the San Francisco Bay Area -- only 214 km. SFO is our international gateway. The area is also serviced by SMF (Sacramento) and two private jet airports in Tuolumne County, in Groveland and Columbia...

30 October, 2015
Want to Walk in the Footsteps of Hollywood's Epic Western Stars? It's in Yosemite Gold Country in Northern California.

From these classic movies --High Noon, The Great Race, Back to the Future III and Big Valley, to television series that brought the big outdoors into American living rooms such as Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and Lassie, a small area in Northern California has played a big role: creating lifelike settings and story lines to recreate early America. For Tuolumne County, set against the backdrop of Yosemite National Park in Northern California, the job was easy. Today visitors can step back in time and follow in the classic movie footsteps, overnight in an 1850's western town, navigate a saloon crawl, pan for gold and ride shotgun on an authentic stage coach in Columbia Historic State Park.

29 October, 2015
Step Back in Time and Learn to Make Candy Canes in Northern California's Gold Rush town of Columbia this Holiday Season

In the heart of Northern California's Yosemite Gold Country, inside Columbia State Park where business is conducted almost exactly the way it was in the gold rush era, fifth-generation Columbia Candy Kitchen is waiting for Labor Day. It's the deadline for pulling winners of this year's groups and families who will win a candy cane workshop from among thousands of postcard entries...

25 August, 2015
Tuolumne County Receives Gold at California State Fair

Last Friday, the Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau received a Gold Ribbon at the California State Fair for their Tuolumne County exhibit. Every year the TCVB enters the Counties Exhibits to promote Tuolumne County to thousands of fairgoers. This year's theme is Feasts and Festivals.

17 July, 2015
Yosemite National Park makes the list of USA Today 10Best Readers' Choice Awards for Best Kid-Friendly Destinations

The winners of the 10Best Readers' Choice Awards for Best Kid-Friendly Destinations are in. Nominees in the contest, sponsored by USA Today and 10Best.com were chosen by a panel of experts and voted on by the public...

2 June, 2015
Vintage Vacations: Yesteryear Comes to Life in Northern California

Located 2 ½ hours east of San Francisco and 2 hours southeast of Sacramento, Tuolumne County California, the heart of California's 1849 Gold Rush Country offers America as it was in the 19th and early 20th century, 4-season outdoor recreation and a broad range of activities and special events typical of life as it was from the 1849 Gold Rush through the mid-20th century...

1 June, 2015
Wonderful Waterfalls of Yosemite Gold Country

Spring is the best time to check out the many waterfalls in Tuolumne County's Yosemite Gold Country. Tuolumne County is located just two and a half hours east of San Francisco and two hours south of Sacramento. Over half of Yosemite National Park is located in Tuolumne County...

31 May, 2015
Want to Walk in the Footsteps of Hollywood's Epic Western Stars? Explore Yosemite Gold Country's Tuolumne County in Northern California

From classic American movies like High Noon, The Great Race, Back to the Future III and Big Valley, to television shows that brought the big outdoors into living rooms such as Bonanza, Little House on the Prairie and Lassie, a small area in Northern California has played a big role: creating lifelike settings and story lines to recreate early America. For Tuolumne County, set against the backdrop of Yosemite National Park in Northern California, the job was easy. The area was rich with natural features and vintage architectural styles, big sky landscape, rushing rivers and one key ingredient -- abundant light. Today visitors can trace the steps of movie stars throughout Yosemite Gold Country...

28 May, 2015
Yosemite National Park one of 10 Best Readers' Choice Awards for Kid-Friendly, says USA Today Readers

Yosemite National Park, in Northern California made the top ten Kid-Friendly Destinations list in a recent 10 Best Readers' Choice Awards, sponsored by USA Today. It was the only national park to make the top ten, along with theme parks homes in Anaheim and Orlando. The Park's gateway communities called Yosemite Gold Country, the most direct route to the park from Northern California, are young adventurers' wonderland, with real steam locomotive trains, stage coaches, gold panning, lakes for fishing, swimming holes and miles of mountain bike trails. The areas public transportation system, YARTS, makes it easy to see the iconic spots in Yosemite, and kids ride free.

26 May, 2015
Head to Northern California's Yosemite Gold Country for Free Admission to Yosemite National Park in 2015; Park's Highway 120 Entrance near Groveland offers Easy Access and Quick Views

Yosemite National Park in Northern California's Gold Country offers several dates in 2015 with no entrance fees. The park will be a major travel destination focus in 2015 as it celebrates its 125th anniversary. This year is a great time to visit, especially during the Park's entrance-free days on special dates beginning April 18 and 19 and dates in August, September and November. Yosemite National Park's favorite visitor vistas, Valley floor and waterfalls, lodging and campsites are perennially popular, but there is a way to experience all that the Park has to offer in a different light, when opting for a less-traveled park entrance and the hospitality of lodging and services available in a gateway community such as Groveland, near the State Highway 120 entrance of Yosemite...

11 April, 2015
Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau Fact Sheet

Tuolumne County, 133 miles east of San Francisco, is a pristine, scenic expanse reaching into the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains...

2 February, 2015
A Destination for All Seasons

Winter, spring, summer and fall are seasonal magnets for vacationers ready to experience the great outdoors in Tuolumne County in year-round activities...

1 February, 2015
Yosemite Gold Country: Scenic, Historic,Unique, Affordable, Accessible...

Yosemite Gold Country is the new affordable Northern California alternative just 2 ½ hours east of San Francisco...

30 January, 2015
Make the Most of the Shortest Day of the Year in Yosemite Gold Country

The shortest day of the year promises a long list of memory-making experiences in Tuolumne County, Yosemite Gold Country. Make plans to visit on December 21 – and enjoy some of these activities – or visit any time this season....

13 December, 2014